Clinic Director: Gregory Cockerill R.Ac.

      Gregory Cockerill has been a lifelong follower of Eastern philosophy and a registered acupuncturist since 2008 (Alberta).
A lover of music, medicine and martial art, Gregory has an honours degree in Composition/Arranging (Humber/BCOU) and is a graduate of the 'Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine'.

      Beyond his practice of "Live Hand Acupuncture", Gregory also teaches acupuncture and moxa theory, philosophy and fundamentals and is a clinical supervisor at the 'Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine' as well as at the 'Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine'; two of Canada's top TCM schools.  

      The meaning of 'Live Hand' lies in the dynamic nature of life and how that applies to healing;  The energetic relationship between hand, needle and patient, or again the fundamental philosophy of the 3- Shen, Qi and Jing.  In his spare time, Gregory still performs music regularly and trains in Brazilian Jiujiutsu and Kickboxing.  He also holds an instructor certificate and 3rd Dan black belt in Hapkido.