Live Hand Acupuncture services and fees:

Initial intake & treatment* $95 (up to 90 min)
Full Acupuncture treatment* $80 (70 min)
Maintenance treatment* $60 (45 min)
Acute care 2/Week* ($100/week)
Acute care 3/Week* ($130/week)

Full-time-Student discount: 25% off

It is the philosophy of Live Hand Acupuncture that Medicine should not be treated as business.  However, we’ve been growing in practice and as a family and to best serve everyone, we are updating our fee structure for the first time in ten years. Should you have any questions or concerns please do inquire further.  Your patronage and trust with your health is greatly appreciated!

*Initial intake includes assessment by TCM differential diagnosis plus full treatment.
*Full treatment entails acupuncture and other relevant modalities such as cupping, Moxabustion, front/back treatment, TCM nutritional advice, exercise consult etc.
*Maintenance treatment entails a front OR back treatment and when required extra modalities with time permitting.
*2 and 3 times weekly treatments are sometimes required to achieve desired results. These are maintenance treatments after an initial consultation and diagnosis.